Before launching their platform, C2D searched for an eReader product that could deliver standard textbook components, as well as, more difficult components like equations and large complex financial tables. They quickly became frustrated because they found that current eReader offerings were very limited based on their publishing needs and expectations.

As the tablet and smartphone market exploded so did the number of students wanting to read textbooks from their mobile devices. The PDF textbooks being used worked adequately on desktop browsers but they did not scale for smaller screen sizes or offer the enhanced functionality that was needed. In essence, the current PDF delivery platform offered up a poor user experience.

We were contracted by C2D to convert and publish a 400 page Word document containing complex tables and numerous mathematical equations to our HTML5 eReader (tekReader). tekReader easily handled the equations (MathML and MathJax) and financial tables (OASIS Table Module) and the textbook was also delivered in the French Canadian language (Unicode).

The outcome was that tekReader catered for the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) ecosystem that is part of any university campus. The x-platform device offering that tekReader provided fit into the C2D business model and delivered high quality textbooks to students.

C2D now use tekReader v3.0. It offers an end-to-end publishing solution that is built on light-weight and easy-to-use content models which makes it easy for authors to create and publish content. The textbooks are then automatically delivered to a secure, flexible and managed document delivery model in the cloud.

The C2D publishing team had no prior knowledge of XML or XML editors. It took us approximately 4 hours to get them up and running to create and publish documents to tekReader. They have just completed a very complex financial textbook without a single support call and the result was overwhelming!