In January 2014 the Danfoss UX Programme team approached us to explore the possibilities of publishing technical, marketing and training documents using tekReader.

The aim of the UX Programme is to identify and showcase key innovative technologies that illustrate principles of a working solution for downstream/wider adoption within the overall business.

During 2014 the Danfoss Power Electronics (Danfoss PE) division commercially engaged us to showcase tekReader in a number of different ways. The following showcases were delivered:

  • Content and Publishing Strategy Report
  • tekReader and Integration Report
  • Integration prototype of tekReader and platforms
  • Facts Worth Knowing technical background document published to tekReader
  • VLT Aqua Drive marketing brochure published in English and German to tekReader
  • It was an exciting year for both tekReader and Danfoss Power Electronics and a great stepping stone for a strong business relationship.

Danfoss Power Electronics UX Programme has recognised that tekReader is:

  • an easy-to-implement solution that could revolutionise their digital customer experience
  • a competitive advantage that others do not have
  • a future-proof way of publishing their documentation
  • a cloud based solution that is delivered as a managed package
  • a product developed using open web standards that delivers seamless x-platform publishing
  • an integration conduit to many of their internal web applications (i.e.