We have over 25 years of experience assisting business in eliminating the following content inefficiencies:

  • email is the primary communication tool
  • no version control
  • multiple document formats
  • no content consistency or accuracy
  • non template driven environments
  • delays in reaching target audiences
  • no publishing workflow automation
  • staggered timelines based on output formats
  • content stored in dead file formats (PDF)
  • no content reuse strategy
  • no metadata strategy
  • content not future proof
  • non-compliant documentation


Clean user interface and easy-to-use online authoring environment that promotes consistent and accurate document creation and updates.

  • fast client on-boarding
  • automate import/export of legacy content
  • flexible content reuse mechanisms
  • support for complex content structures
  • support for demanding document composition
  • user-defined semantics
  • native browser editing interface
  • strengthen quality and compliance
  • template driven workflows
  • enhance content accuracy & layout consistency


Bring authoring teams together in a cross-functional, role and context dependent online environment and make document review easy, efficient and auditable.

  • uses set by configurable roles
  • comments/tasks posted against content fragments
  • customise review & production workflows
  • share content with selective groups of users
  • notifications online &/or by email
  • minor & major document versions
  • retain full edit history at fragment level
  • control edit & publish permissions
  • validation against content/business logic
  • overall productivity enhancements


Eliminate the paper shuffle and achieve greater audience engagement, content accessibility in the field, and the power to accelerate productivity for document delivery to a browser based eReader.

  • access documents on any mobile device
  • improve time-to-market
  • open web standards
  • multiple viewing options & navigation aids
  • renders complex data structures
  • glossaries and custom dictionaries
  • multiple languages
  • search
  • administration portal


Progressive web applications that do all the heavy lifting for you.

  • managed services
  • secure and high performance
  • scalable and reliable
  • easy to set-up
  • highly configurable
  • track & report on user metrics
  • search and reporting tools
  • API first for integration with existing platforms
  • support backed by Service Level Agreements